2 thoughts on “Project vlog: Work templates”

  1. I’ve always hated Calendar Templates being based on a Recourse’s work hours. Why not just give a Calendar Template it’s own Work hours???
    Probably worth noting, that if it’s anything like PSA, once you set the Template Resource it doesn’t keep in sync with the Resource you’ve selected. So if you change the Resource’s work hours, the Calendar Template no longer reflects this. The Calendar Template Work Hours are set when you select the Template Resource. There is also no way to see the Calendar Templates actual Work Hours, all you can do is rely on the fact that the Resources Work Hours might not have changed. I always find it useful to write what the work hours are in the description or name field to remind yourself e.g. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

    1. I definitely agree a Calendar Template / Work template should have Work Hours of its own. Just as you guessed, Project for the web works just like PSA V3 when it comes to Work templates and Work Hours. Thanks for bringing this up, Matt! I’ve written a short post based on this. It describes different scenarios around setting Work Hours for a Template Resource. The post is here:

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