Project vlog: Project and Project Task Work Hours

I was watching a couple of Project for the web demos from Ignite by Heather Heide and Russel Hercules. Those demos made me realize that the vlog I previously made about Work templates didn’t fully cover the impact of a Work template’s and Bookable Resource’s work hours on a Project Task’s duration.

In short, the following video shows how a Project Task’s duration changes based on a Work template and a Bookable Resource’s work hours.

Project – Project and Project Task Work Hours

5 thoughts on “Project vlog: Project and Project Task Work Hours”

  1. I just want to know about PSA security roles more. Like which are all OOb security roles and where are the official documentation for that. Also, Context field in price list is not visible to Project resource so where this configuration has been done which is hiding this field from Project resource role? Please help me understand this.

    Thanks in Advance!!

    1. Hi Anshika. The OOTB security roles in D365 PSA are:
      Practice Manager
      Project Approver
      Project Billing Administrator
      Project Manager
      Project Resource

      Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your other question off the top of my head.

  2. Hi! Your videos are very useful. I would like to get some more information on how you can put together the various entities regarding resource management and use it in resource request process.

    1. Thanks Ketil. The resource management story isn’t fully lit up yet by the product team in Project’s current version. These features should arrive over time.

  3. Public holidays add to calender

    Project Service Automation- All internal resources should have holidays not bookable in schedule board.

    Request Portal- Highlight/ mark public holidays

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