Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation: Time Entries’ effect on Project and Project Task progression

Tested on:
Dynamics 365 version 9.0

In Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation a Project Contract has quite a few variables with Time & Material and Fixed Price being possible Billing Methods and these Order Lines then including or excluding Time, Expense and Fee. Sometimes it can be hard to follow what the outcome of each combination is. When it comes to Actuals, we have already established the logic in my previous blog post which can be found here. The progression of a Project or Project Task is an important factor especially in forecasting and revenue recognition calculations so it’s important to understand what effect approved Time Entries have on Project and Project Task progression.

The image below compares Time & Material and Fixed Price Order Lines against Billing Types and the Include Time (Yes/No) option. Based on the different variables we can conclude that a Time Entry always increases a Project’s and a Project Task’s progression percentage. To download the image as PDF, click here.

Project Task progression and Project progression can be seen under Project labor tracking.

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