Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation – Ideas for making PSA even better, March 2018

Normally my blog covers functionalities and tips around Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation that are based on real-life scenarios with customers and colleagues. Every once in a while a development ideas does come to mind so I’ve gathering a list of issues that I personally feel would need to be enabled and/or changed in PSA to make it even better. I want to share this list with you and encourage you to participate and vote those ideas up that you find important and relevant.

Idea 1 – Enable Business Closures per country

Allow us to set Business Closures based on countries so that an individual country can have a country specific Business Closure. Then allow to set a user to a defined country so that work hours use a correct business closure.

The need for country specific operations and settings has become even more critical with PSA and Field Service. As multinational companies have to take these into account, we should be able to offer them the OOTB possibility to choose country specific Business Closures.

Idea 2 – Changes to Sales Price msdyn_salesprice using a workflow on Project Approval should flow to msdyn_price on Journal Line
Allow us to change Sales Price msdyn_salesprice on Project Approval with a workflow so that the changed value is reflected on Price msdyn_price on Journal Line. At the moment changes to Sales Price msdyn_salesprice only flow to Price msdyn_price when the field is updated manually or with a Business Rule.

Idea 3 – Allow us to move from Opportunity to Project Contract without using Quote on an Opportunity Business Process Flow
Quotes are many times built in systems separate from Dynamics 365. If a Quote is not needed in a company’s Opportunity to Project Contract process, we should be given the option to skip Quote. Data from relevant fields should nevertheless flow from an Opportunity to a Project Contract so that the user doesn’t need to enter data twice: on an Opportunity and a Project Contract.

Idea 4 – Account Manager msdyn_accountmanagerid should be a lookup to both a User and a Team
Please change this to a multi-entity lookup so that either a User or a Team can be selected to Account Manager msdyn_accountmanagerid.

Idea 5 – Chargeability View should be Project Contract Line (Order Line) specific
Different Project can have a different pricing structures. Project B can be Project A’s subproject and still be related to the same Project Contract. Please change the Price List and Chargeability view logic so that a Project Contract can have Order Line specific price lists hence allowing us to set Project based pricing using the Chargeability View.

Idea 6 – Show Sales Price msdyn_salesprice on Project Approval by default when Entry Type msdyn_entrytype is Time
OOTB the field Show Sales Price msdyn_salesprice is hidden by the Business Rule ShowRecordTemplate when Entry Type msdyn_entrytype is Time. The field should be visible by default so that a Sales Price can be changed on approval.

Idea 7 – Enable partial payments at invoicing
An invoice may sometimes only be paid partially. We should have an option to mark an Invoice as partially paid so that Actuals are created for the partial payment. This should be possible for both T&M and FP based Project Contracts (Lines Order Lines).

Idea 8 – Work Hour Templates should honor changes in a Template Resource’s Work Hours
When a Template Resource’s Work Hours are changed, a Work Hour Template should honor those changes. Also changing a Template Resource should update the Work Hour Template.

All the ideas reflect my personal opinions and findings unless otherwise stated.